Digital Asset Management

What is it?

Any electronic media available in digital format that an organisation places value on is a digital asset.

More and more, organisations are looking for a highly usable system to manage these assets in a way that can be:

  • Easily organised – imported and filed
  • Cleverly searched for – searching and browsing
  • Manipulated – how images can be changed for distribution or enhanced for media delivery.
  • Secured – in a way that you can manage the access of your assets
  • Authenticating the assets – clearly identifying the ownership, date etc
  • Back up – making sure assets are constantly backed up and protected.
  • Distributed – uploading and sending – managing files types and sizes for the audience you are sharing with.

It’s been a real honour and privilege to win the Nottingham Evening Post “Excellence in Manufacturing” award in our centenary year. Testimony to all those who have been involved with the TEW Group over the last 100 years

Mike Spencer, Managing Director